Our Mission

Young drivers who are intent on pursuing a professional career in motorsports often feel

overwhelmed by the sheer logistics involved in moving from novice to professional status.

The steps in-between can seem insurmountable and this is often the stumbling block to continuing with their development and growth process.


Imagine that all of these challenges and concerns were handled by a team that has

extensive experience in ensuring all the dots are connected? Imagine being guided by a team that has successfully developed young drivers using a well-thought-out, flexible and strategic programme?



Imagine no longer – ICAN was ocially launched in 2021 to assume the role of ‘Big Brother’ for young drivers. The team has been involved in nurturing and developing young driver

talent for the past 14 years and recently decided to formalise this collective knowledge into a driver development programme that takes care of all the small and large details on the driver’s career journey.

In the process, the ICAN team develops detailed relationships with the young drivers by

walking each step of the way with them as they expand their skills and talent for a professional international racing career. This means that the team lives with the young drivers in foreign countries, eats the same meals as them and trains alongside them.

The ICAN ‘lead by example’ philosophy allows the team to empathise with the specific

challenges young drivers face during their developmental stages. Professional drivers

all have something in common – their development trajectory is maximised when

they are aligned with a mentor who can understand their pain points and open the

necessary professional doors for them.